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My connection to Earth brings me back to the beauty of life!

I learned about theĀ Schumann Resonances and connecting to Earth due to a personal illness I suffered from. I was at my wit’s end and I had explored every avenue that modern medicine could offer… still I couldn’t get better. Ellae, a longtime friend, recommended I begin going on hikes and connecting my physical body to Earth. At the time my immune system was greatly compromised and I couldn’t imagine walking down the street to get the mail, let alone going on a drawn out ‘nature hike.’ Still, I felt I had limited options and I started going on hikes.

Something truly magical started happening. I experienced significant healing in my physical body and my emotional state of being changed. I went from being constantly bombarded by my thoughts and anxiety to dwelling in the lower half of my body, breathing, and knowing true peace. Eight years later, I am a different person. My enzymes have returned to healthy levels, and I gratefully have a clean bill of health!

My connection to Earth and Earth’s resonance is the primary relationship I nurture. This relationship fills me up, and has provided me with a truly abundant inner life that now manifests itself in my real life. Does this mean my life is perfect and free of pain? No. Perhaps the opposite is true. In recent years I have experienced some of the most devastating heartaches. But I believe my connection to Earth has carried me through the pain. It continues to give me more room inside to breathe, and brings me back to the beauty of life.


- An excerpt from Earth is Your Sweet Spot: A Woman’s Guide to Living Beautifully


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